working spell to channel energy to your bindi check your light

 mind get new ideas and video channel from my third eye  shake your finger touch your bindi or use purple crystal  wash your hands  drink some milk  or tea  say mood release 

working spell bindi mind mood generatro

 get some orange juice  put in your mouth  eat an apple  tap the apple with your finger  find the remote point it at it  say i watch a LOT of tv free view let the spell decide what you want to watch  bindi bindi in my mind open my third eye  mood mogo 

dog fruit banana orange mango chips

 say red dog drink the milk  use pink jasper  clean your hands  find a dog and pet it  drink tea from shop have courage to buy  drink some milk  have a wand  say i summon the god of dogs to give me hope and peace say i release spell to the clouds wash your hands 

always happy

 i am always happy

tea calm tea stop the voices with meds

 tea calm tea stop the voices  requires you take your medication  use 432 hz music

small portion spell

 i like eating as long as it is fruit or small portions