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use your thoughts to control things mind telekeneis

 some of my favorite spells in harry potter world is geminio because it clones things and i like summoning charm and episkey is quite good. is good to make your own and you can become really skilled. i recommend using all parts of the mind for spells. write your own and have fun. use your thoughts is the best way to use your mind.

how energy is gained and relesed psi

 energy is storted in your hands and you can us it to make cool psi balls for ninja moves. and they do damage or peace stuff. i agree it is better to do peace. i recommend learning reparo from harrypotter. it is a good spell to test your energy. how about accio to something cool. or summoning charm to bring something towards you. this energy is good and trusted source. you gain energy you release it. do a spell. 

how to manifest a dvd and do it well.

 manifest a dvd. is too easy because they are cheap you need 2 - 5 in your bank to manifest a dvd. and think of it a lot. 

why is it so hard to manifest a dream usb cable

usb cable is too low in penny amount that is why. hard to visualise. you need something a $5 note for manifestation of usb so if you think carefully your dream will manifest with ease if you keep saying you have a $5 note. 

a new way to manifest

 go on your favorite site and search a lot. search a lot for ps4 and you will get ps4 in no time. watch out for distractions like a big food shop. those are bad but will impact your purchace.

how to cast more powerful spells. - its meditation

i cast a powerful spell you can use your hands to make the spell it gets more advanced as you progress. my spell was red light and dangerous. 

the use of a circle in magic and its healing properties take my advice

how to activate peace and light. you can activate peace by castting a cirlce in your room and sitting there for 10 minutes. this will allow you to focus on the things related to peace.  it will help you remove curses and bad spells sitting in a circle to concerntrate will allow you to remove curses and bad spells. it will help you be cooler and less restless you could cast a circle to be cooler and less restless to help you in sleep.  put negative thoughts away.  use light to heal negative thoughts.  cast spells is a great way to heal the  mind and many benefits for finding inner peace.  donate here if you found this useful. peace out. 

stand in the room for 10 minutes and think of an angel manifest there tips

the spell make me into a ghostly figure room appration angel figure with wings. white light feeling.  make an angel for your room.  donate here if you liked it. 

money fall spell

 make someones money fall.  if youre looking to make someones money drop use the spell. money drop like the speed of a rock.  if you liked this  spell click the link here .