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turn a porcupine into an owl

Turn porcupine into an owl x3 Turn 3 x Turn porcupine into an owl. Turn porcupine into an owl  I changed it into an owl It is now an owl 

banish someone's spell

Protect me my soul banishment  Place your hand on your heart

tend to

Tend to it fix

stress increase curse

Minor or a lot stress

appear a plum

Appear a plum

zeus wind possess

Possession spell Requires wand 

Weather spell to stop money flow emoloyees curse

Weather curse money not employees not jinx jinx curse money zero

joyous sunshine gloomy sunshine

Create palm 1m apart  Wand rotation small   Say in your mind joyous sunshine Move your palms closer and say gloomy sunshine and you have a curse. 

to remove someone formation


right to erase

A spell called right to erase and it will let you think of lightning 

hot drinks off

A spell to mute hot drinks

say red orb for 2 min and flick

It will throw an orb

hot drinks Lightening cool down

Cool down hot drinks with lightening

Red orb line transfer

Red orb with teal glow throw jesus god summon push 

fix a controller

Orange light cleanse 4x8 heal  Use for   Price  Push  Pull  Age   Symptoms 

this has a force

This had a force spell  Options  I move you.  Lightening 

in the fire

A spell to add to strength 

asking jesus for luck spell

Lord jesus i ask for 7 day luck set in stone satan give me strength and apollo heal me 

summon a winter storm light

A winter storm with light 8m pass a message   Features Freezing  Memory loss  Push pull Heat, electric You can't see it unseen force

you're not right put right

Put together truth

a healing water chant

water grow over the mountain past the trees

cleansing grace

Takes 5 minutes

look into my eye

Starts possession

third eye spell

A prayer as a spell

tap on table rapidly

Tap on the table rapidly to an object to curse it 

tapping on crystal for 6 minutes

Get a pen and say draw a circle to third eye

boost my productivity

Boost my productivity by 3 for 1 minute chant

sooth by water

Sooth by water let my emotions be calm 

a pain recover

Sooth pain positive energy ray of light 

is 9999 hz a satanic frequency

 yes it is correct

lets do spells together friends

 hi friends from above a message to you all. do the best to support me and try my magic spell a call to nigeria, lagos so we have cleansing and healing my skill and draw a circle in your mind any way you like the best way you see energy and imagine gold light coming out of it and make you think of your body healed from energy damage and take demons away by pulling up and out and make things go away in a whisper. i think you should try this. to get your thoughts active and maybe manifest some food and water. get a nice takeway spend some time at a club. some ideas to get you started. please dont manifest something bad it is something you will regret.

true energy Rhubarb and custard healing spell

 rhubarb and custard healing

a spell to watch a movie

I need to focus on a film where I will not be distracted show me the movie I call Call a spirit guide

no chat to god charm

 there is no chat to god 26 percent healthier impaired.

releive from pain big word creative

Attenuate my pain and relieve me from god satan just read it

you should not take 48p out of the cash point

Not easy to manage 

peace for chat

Talking too many  not enough  More friends  Deep thinking spell  Alpoja spirit  Reveals truth  Forsees the future ask for alpha Don't talk any more wind call meditates relesho grip 

call for a fish

Won't get   I get  Tasty 

a virtual apple

Can you hand it over do a spell

love message

I want you to be mine

find a penny on the street command safest way

Person drop 2p 5p charm I worked out not today 

digger to cod messages

I turned your digger to cod

message your digger is a sharpie

From digger to sharpie

digger to cod

Make a digger to fish 

digger to sharpie

A creative spell

ghostly name jess spook me

Get her to make you cold  Temperature low I have a fever She has those powers  Listen to fire music  Jess type for me very gmfdfgh Jess knows law

digger to mouse

Erases sound

a nice thigh

For looks  A nice thigh

it skills boost

6 our of 1000 heal then think

to be in someone's ear spell

I'm in your ear and use your hand gestures no contact curse spell jinx try those

spells worth trying with God and energy Cosmic healing and damage 42 damage and 44 healing

Cosmic sphere  Cosmic orb God force Cosmic lights Ray  God force blinding  God force 

accept letter c

C message on keys is haunted in me

magic word r

Shout r cand say it lands r will levitate on your keyboard

spell to turn on speakers

Turn on the speakers baptise them 

organise spell with crystals

Get all your gadgets use crystals arrange grid wave your wand watch the magic happen Keep looking at it as you get more organised.  Organise me more

this is a good spell amazing

 curse do a smile

metal shards defence spell

metal shards 3 minutes fire stops it

heal a bleeping ringtone

 bleeping ringtone youre cursed electric fire curse off

heal a curse you did

 detect negative energy pull and pull heal my mind from curse 

a healing spell for negative energy feel its power

negative energy heal in light push and demolish no harm done away it goes

opens third eye get more tea spell

 push tea heal me up as aid me ask for more

open third spells

do a spell create a god in seconds create a god create a spirit create a messenger create blog notes  cleanse movies and start again 

pull a new activity

 new activity pull

healing spell door close and open faster

 push and pull energy blue light door thinking

to haunt a phone

 haunt someones phone go to it curse it 

door close push close

 push close

helping others succeed from my meditations overcoming darkness and my fears

a spell for you to do well.   music will get me a job some motivation  use band lab on android record things like spells things going on in the world some ideas to you  an additonal spell free my money. a pull force will put you in a brighter light. train pull.  hope you like enjoy. meditate some more and then some more 

a call to universe to ask for resolution uni

save me 60 k if walk off my uni in a blink and a blink be my spirit guide, x = fx i ask for. call for me dp or dominica parkhurst

these are two purest forms magic light

 white and gold are two purest forms

to get tea to heal your energy to gold color

 tea heal my energy to a gold color until i am better. 

a stop to spell

wire by fire

authentic third eye spell really works

 third eye spell stop right there

to make a curse positive to heal a curse

 make a curse positive energy yes its that simple do it with red light say red light to banish  gold light to cleanse and protect  lights, healing, heal magic, spells, wiccan

healing with light heal light red light

heal my focus i accept light to heal heal body, mend, mind, healing spirit, healing 

do a spell with this invoke

 10 to the power of 34 is a magic sum for invoking focus

an amazing invocation to know

 6x24 by the power of 3

magic fix energy for magic

 3x6 make this spell unique and x my spell by 2 fix my magic

fix dance moves spell

  7x3 = 21 make it blue light and fix dance moves 

this scar is not who I am

This scar is not who I am Imagine pure skin

a scar pushes

Well good reason show them your scar and make a push for it

push or pull friend spell make a friend come back to you

 imagine a friend giving you a thumbs up and push energy forward and pull back and whisper hey i need o be your friend again.

possession spell for party goers

go that way to your friends curse take me with you here me spell take me to the bar possess

get the truth play a song in someones mind

 play this in his her mind and read true false

possession spell you come to me

 you come to me

my amazing spell

  I summon the night dancers to drink and dance with me

a spell for angels to get comfort

 I have unimited comfort for today angels message me when the time is right

a time spell for fast time

 time go fast it wont last 

a spell i wrote for the shops

 jesus christ show me the money

a cool spell i found out shopping

say spell possession and everything in the shop is 1 p spell

from third eye weight less charm

 weightless charm

excellent spell third eye

 focus for a drink  easy to say

energetic radience unleash boundless energy spell

tip use wand have energy stored for 30 seconds to 1 minute say spell boundless energy set me free,  release the power inside me,  vibrant and srong, with every breath, a charm to unleash my energy's depth. then focus and meditate it will release a lot of energy.  tags: energetic radiance, obundless energy, spellcasting, energy release, empowerment, magick, enchantment, energy burst, inner power. 

a neat spell for ict that really works

 cod and debug script and learn , it skills forever burn , efficient and swift my mind will be , a charm to enchance my it decree

chant words to the back of your had

 feel its effect

healing charm chant

Magic recovery mend revival

the magic words to heal

 Recover heal gain

feel the energy of god at 500hz

i might be 500 hz frequency my mood is greater than 200 hz thats anger fear and you can release it it isnt stuck. i command mine to be 500hz because it is a peaceful tone. i liked 1000hz it was nice and bright but i wasnt operating at that. i couldnt focus. you can hear gods in it and they will help you in 500 hz. i give you god and shiva to work with see how 500hz gets to you.  god tell me other gods god where are they from  god how can i see you  some questions to think about

god talks reading mind vs the truth

 make sure youre getting the right messages and use a high frequency. low frequency reads the mind but not the truth. 

shiva or god energy blocks in nature and its messages

i think you have to work towards a brighter frequency, you cant just choose. you might be severely restricted to what you go on by god name. keep your thoughts positive and try your best. 

try this banishment and protection spell to protect a room

they cant they wont very short takes 10 minutes 

what god wants from me and i think god is god, he is giving me a path to work towards

introduction - music is a true hobby of mine.  read truths in this article i bet you cant. dp spell.  i need to heal and i will use god, it feels like god.  i will figure out who this man woman is. shiva was cool i need to work on god for a little bit  i dont know what he needs from me probably its peace  i want you to read the true false, wish me luck, dp spell i can do some very powerful spells with focus and negative force  i need them to work so i might need to call god for help with spells and magic i am ready for my next spell this is what its like to type with third eye very fast and a bit erratic at times.  getting lots of information  so third eye needs to ask god to relax and i choose god jesus for helping me to relax and chill yes everyone i will check my article  i found out what god wants and i dont think it is worth it and i will learn shiva way. i accept shiva in my life and i will feel for god and let him know my progress. i want god to know i am in the best religion be

sending messages to the universe and its guides - shiva's temple

shiva house music for confidence  for research  to shiva i need to make my guardian angel into a spirit guide.  very hard to do.  my next wish is to listen to more house music shiva, god, male to female, goddess, earth, universe, heaven and hell, third eye power, connectivity, healing, health, body, sprirt guides, angels, space, time, jesus, heaven, man, trans, global

a spell for shiva to bless my house music thudding bass

 shiva let me listen to my house music love you 2 minutes  edited  read true false in it i sent it to him so hes there settling a spell

a call to shiva - a true call asking for

 i ask the lord for relax

i just release dpark94 shop to the universe and it can be heard in a spell release dpark94 shop charm

third eye release in two minutes, findings i had strength to release dpark into the universe.  here are my findings, keywords and spells i need it to sell sell  the name was dpark94 in telapathic i want people to buy

felt real energy real magic tonight

i did a spell with my hands and it was great i cound feel the items grouping together and i wanted to move them. 

this spell works you will feel it

 i wish for growth chant and touch your third eye it goes through

meditation topics and what you can do to improve ask for people to pray for you root chakera activities never bored improve yourself

set intention  requires only 2 minutes but longer available always ask for people to pray for you just say all i require is 2 minutes time for money  time for family  time for friends  time for happiness time for wishes - intention wishes time for growth time for email  time for personal matter  time for finance time for outside  time for inside and meditate time for movies time for video games time for youtube production choose root chakera  closing, my gracious thanks enjoy the spell

white light plant energy

 plants artificial move energy to window white light

some useful move commands in your home

move to cabinet data organise my draw  pillow to laptop  pull xbox play more at the right time i take out of cuboard energy, dump it on the floor clean bed energy and clean the corners

move spells you can do at your desk gestures needed third eye training

 move out the door move and come here move and remove

training money wishes for more money flow of cash

 money is energy and i make it so i get it money is time and effort and i get money each day i am determaned to get  money  i am clever about money i will get money when i need  i will get money any possibility 

money chants for dp

 money draw in  money not fictional  money not a stroy  money able to come and go but dear to me money flow peacefully through me  money vibrate at a rapid rate peaceful healing moeny come into me  moeny not a block to wealth i am open to riches

a spell to call for less money forget about money and calm down moeny

3 crystals 10 calm count down 13 relax count up  12 chill count up  i need to wait for my money jesus help me get pull through i need heavens siren to wind me out of money 

money spell give me the power to focus on the day ahead

3 focus  4 crystals money give me the power to focus on the day ahead  2 minutes

to give someone an angel number in their dreams

easy love spell for beginnners 1 love 3 care 2 minutes my love dreams i want you to know the number 1 your start 

easy access to heaven

 a call to heaven

a trans healing spell

 jesus protect me Become without fear a woman I will be with honour requires 2 mintues

some useful spells

tea really nice chant  put an end to coffee buying make tea right flavour charm 

some money ideas to get more

99 subscribers to get 150 money to get

questions to ask telepathy that work

 what are you doing how do you do  what is it like where do you shop

some telepathy questions to ask them

what do you need what do you want what are you here for why should i add you why do i need you 

to remove something

remove whats bothering me i call for make amends to

a healing quote for to an angel

 my angel dear best friend i see you in heaven we talk and have adventures together. 

a spell to keep away darkness, just say

 earth hear my call in a swish, darnkess keep away in a box with a push of my hand forward.