what god wants from me and i think god is god, he is giving me a path to work towards

introduction - music is a true hobby of mine. 

read truths in this article i bet you cant. dp spell. 

i need to heal and i will use god, it feels like god. 

i will figure out who this man woman is.

shiva was cool

i need to work on god for a little bit 

i dont know what he needs from me

probably its peace 

i want you to

read the true false, wish me luck, dp spell

i can do some very powerful spells with focus and negative force 

i need them to work so i might need to call god for help with spells and magic

i am ready for my next spell

this is what its like to type with third eye very fast and a bit erratic at times. 

getting lots of information 

so third eye needs to ask god to relax and i choose god jesus for helping me to relax and chill

yes everyone i will check my article 

i found out what god wants and i dont think it is worth it and i will learn shiva way. i accept shiva in my life and i will feel for god and let him know my progress. i want god to know i am in the best religion because i have friends here. we all have super powers. 


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