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Creating a spell to attract cash or money is a common practice in various belief systems. Here's a simple money-attracting spell you can try. Remember that the effectiveness of such spells often depends on your belief, focus, and positive intention:

1. A quiet, undisturbed space
2. A green or gold candle
3. A small dish or bowl
4. A small amount of salt
5. A small amount of cinnamon
6. A small piece of paper
7. A pen


1. **Preparation:** Find a quiet space where you can perform this spell without distractions. Ensure the candle is securely placed in a holder and have all your ingredients ready.

2. **Center Yourself:** Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind. Focus on your intention to attract cash or financial abundance.

3. **Light the Candle:** Light the green or gold candle, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

4. **Prepare the Dish:** Place the dish or bowl in front of the lit candle.

5. **Write Your Intention:** On the piece of paper, write your intention for attracting money. Be specific about the amount you need or your financial goals.

6. **Sprinkle Salt and Cinnamon:** Sprinkle a small amount of salt and cinnamon over the piece of paper. Salt is often used for purification, while cinnamon is associated with money-drawing.

7. **Fold the Paper:** Fold the paper with your intention written on it, making sure the salt and cinnamon stay inside.

8. **Hold the Paper:** Hold the folded paper in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize the money flowing into your life. Feel the abundance and prosperity surrounding you.

9. **Repeat Incantation:** While holding the paper, repeat your incantation. Here's a sample one, but feel free to personalize it:

*"By candle's glow, and magic's flow,
I call upon the wealth I wish to know.
Money and riches, come to me,
In abundance, blessed be."*

10. **Place the Paper in the Dish:** Put the folded paper in the dish in front of the candle.

11. **Allow the Candle to Burn:** Let the candle burn for a while (make sure it's safe to leave it unattended), and as it burns, visualize your financial desires manifesting.

12. **Close the Spell:** When you're ready, snuff out the candle. Keep the folded paper in a safe and special place where you can revisit it occasionally to reinforce your intention.

Remember that the effectiveness of spells can vary from person to person. This spell is a way to focus your intention and energy on attracting financial abundance. Continue to take practical steps in your life to achieve your financial goals, and use spells like these as complementary practices. Always approach such practices with a positive and grateful mindset.


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