"Cautionary Tale: Beware of Relationship Dynamics and Spiritual Influences"

1.Relationship & Marriage Conflicts: No matter how nice you are, no matter how good hearted you are, you always meet the wrong people in life. If you're in a relationship with someone you want to marry, even if you're sure that God wants that person for you. Suddenly your relationship is under Conflicts, you're always saprating with our spouse, partner and coming back again. There’s no peace in your relationship. Suddenly when you find a nice man or woman, something comes up and causes problems in that relationship and it crashes totally. This is a common sign that you're under a witchcraft attack and you've been bewitched. My last relationship was a battle for me, even though I'm sure I had met my soul mate, I told God that I just want to settle down and be a father. I don't want to move in and out of any relationship because the last relationship I was in before I met her was a total disaster. My ex girlfriend was an artistic witch that was sent to destroy my life and relationship with my soul mate. Little did I know that she was the person all along that put a spell on my union. So what I'm I trying to say? Youths should be careful who you get intimate with. Once you have sex with someone, you must break soulties with that person if you want to move on to another partner. I never knew such a thing existed, I told God during the early stage of my spiritual path that if he delivers me from this, I'd expose these demonic witches and warlocks to help others. Here i am today, telling you this so you can be careful and be prayerful, people carry demons so watch out who you allow in your inner circle.

Written with care by Amanda Kaila


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