lets bring the dodo back - dodo 21st century news

i cursed the room with a wind curse wind blow wind show a gale change the mood to red. i went to the end of the room and the floor was filled with pentagrams. 

20 people were effected and it was very hard to remove. this was a big room, a large open space.

i read a book to turn a pig into a cat. or make a chicken fly. and make the dodo come back. lets break history.

i read some book on dinosaur magic that changed me. there were some time travel spells to take me back. i wanted to go back to that era. primeval times. i had a lot of energy i was ready for ten minutes i did. 

i transfigured a chicken to dodo and brought it back. i was in the news the first one that did. 

that was what i became famous for. everyone was fascinated by the dodo. it was small but very cute and harmless creature. 

i took pictures of it on my cell phone and sold it for millions. dodo in new york 21st century. hit the news. front page.

i couldnt have it in my house so i had to give it to the goverment. i went on to make more transfigurations with magic. i enjoy it because it is so creative. 

doesnt take much time at all. 

i went home had a coffee. and fed my fish. ate some burger. watched tv. the usual routine. 


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