pirate quest for gold and witch support, follow a map for treasure - followed by a big feast

 hello i am a traveller and i was set to go on a journey for treasure. my ship is over there and it is very big. i went to the ship. my crew is 12 person. i was having my meal. i was interrupted by another ship, they wanted to board. i was unsure. it was friendly. they were working with us to look for treasure. together, we found the island. we found a box. i opened it it had a map. we went deep into the jungle found the x. i dug and dug. i opened the box. it had coins and a skull. lots of gold. a witch was with us to sense our surroundings and we found more and more boxes. i opened them carefully, more gold and treasure. i was so lucky, i thought to myself. i took the treasure home and we sold it off. i got a lot of money enough to buy a ship. very proud of myself. i ate a big feast at home to celebrate. i bought a dog and a cat. and i married. the witch got paid and i was paying my crew. very hard working team. we all ate together. 


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