the lost path

 in the mist of the night a maze of books shrouded her. as she weaved through the misterious tales of the night. 

she followed the books until she came across a errie feeling book with energy on it overflowing. she picked it up and it read whispers of the forgotton realms.

she moved deeper into the library twisted corridors. to see what happened next. every turn a new book to discover. 

she peaked at a the book and it read a spell, 

a small vial or container, 

dried lavinder or frankinsence resin for protection of the third eye,

a small peice of bayleaf for tea to promote anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 

dab it on the third eye for protection from dark magic.

Take the small vial or container and place a pinch of dried lavender and a tiny fragment of frankincense resin inside it. Gently crush the bay leaf into a small piece.

Focus your intent on protection and clarity, particularly aimed at your third eye. Visualize a sphere of soft, radiant light forming around you.

Hold the vial in your hand and, with sincerity and purpose, say the following incantation: a pinch of dried lavender and a tiny fragment of frankincense resin 

Hold the vial in your hand and, with sincerity and 

"By herbs of ancient wisdom and sight,

I seek protection through this gentle light.

Lavender, frankincense, and bay,

Guard my third eye both night and day.

Close your eyes and envision a gentle glow radiating from the vial. Feel the energy of the protective spell infuse the contents within it.

reading from the book. 

Dab a tiny amount of the mixture from the vial onto your third eye, while saying, "Clarity and protection, this gift I receive, from darkness and harm, I now am relieved."

Take a moment to feel the protective energy settling over your third eye, bringing a sense of peace and security.

when she put the mixture on her third eye it gave her some hope and protection. it summoned guardians. 

it swirled, and shielded her from bad forces. 

she looked through the isles and it lead to old pages from books with the spell helping her. 

it took her to a secure corner where she called on protection. 

she opened a strong book. it whirred bad magic. suddenly she was alerted from danger. she shut the book. no harm done. she called on protection. to keep away dark energy from the books magic. 


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