"Wind's Grace: Simple Spell to Banish Negative Energy"

"Facing the breeze, negativity fades. Whispering winds, carry away darkness, bring renewal, and fill the space with light."

Utilizing the natural force of the wind to dispel negativity, this spell channels its energy to cleanse and renew surroundings.

For a wind banishing spell to dispel negative energy, you might consider using symbolic items rather than tangible ingredients. Here are some symbolic items that could be used:

Feathers: Representing air and the wind, they can be waved or held during the spell.

Incense: Choose scents like lavender, sage, or frankincense to help cleanse and purify the energy.

Bell or Chime: Used to create sound vibrations, which can help disperse negative energy.

White Candle: Symbolizing purity and clarity, it can be lit to focus intentions.

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