cancer calming to find strength in difficult times, tea for healing cancer research for students in spell

the witch at the hospital worked on healing potion for mending cancer cells. she was learning how they she was testing a new low protien diet. to heal cancer growth. and restore the body. she prayed to osiris and released a prayer for cancer patients. to help them find strength. she realised with good writing she could banish sickness. and with hope heal the cancer from the mind. if she found out it was from the mind she could minimise the cancer by writing a spell to stop it from spreading. you can use minimise in the spell and drop keywords. she could just command the cancer to float away or evaporate. she could put this in to chat gpt and take research to her own hands. you could do a protection spell to heal from cancer and pray to jesus for healing. tea plays a pivitol role in easing cancer. we say black tea is great for this. we also like the healing properties antioxidents play in green tea. 


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