she wanted to fly she needed her wand and broom true stories series...

 witch cast protection and healing spell

"By winds and sun, shield from harm, heal with rain. Protection surrounds, healing flows, blessed be thrice."

this healed her mood she was less anxious.

she wanted tea

"Herbs and water, warmth imbue, with gentle brew, tea, I call you. Safely summoned, bring calm and ease."

this call made it possible to grab tea in peace confidence.

she cast "Transform this space, movie room for healing, eating haven. Energies merge, comfort reigns, nourishment and solace, manifest here."

it made it so the room was eat and it made so room drink. healing the energy there. 

she then concerntrated the room

"Twinkling light, joy's embrace, soothe, amplify focus, calm mind. Sparkle, temper, ease, concentrate, in this space, brilliance reigns."

released energies.

next she needed an aura spell 

"Staff's aura, bright, fluffy, and chill, wards off debt woes. I abide; no borrowing. Harmony and abundance prevail."

it was to make them light and bright and a sense of peace and calm.

she then wanted a wand and a broom, since her wand was lost.

so she invoked and called upon

"Wand, broom, heed my call, appear. Tools of magic, at my side, serve true. Manifest now, aid my journey."

this was her desire and she wanted to fly.


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