witch user does hocus pocus maths spell in a blink

 witch meets reddit user and casts spell hocus pocus 

"By numbers and signs, let wisdom abound, May maths be a friend that's always around. With problems to solve and concepts so clear, May learning and joy in maths appear!"

chat gpt

and a light came from the wand to show the answer blinking like blink blink for 32.

concequently the witch wanted to lighten the room she wrote...

"Darkness fade, let light prevail, In this room, let brightness sail. Glowing warmth and light so clear, Illuminate this space, appear! With laughter, joy, and cheer untold, May this room shine bright, never to fold!"

she needed to feel god with them so she prayed.

she wrote this spell

grant me strength in times of need.

she came up with this

"Fortune's flow, wealth abound, bring prosperity true, blessings found. Money's grace, come my way, wealth today!"

it healed her money and cash flow. she had new ideas for healing.


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