witch wishes for more charity and cast spell for healthy food in the air

 "To hand, healing light, restore. Space, cleanse with positivity, serenity restore, negative energies depart, leaving purity and harmony."

she cast this spell with postive thinking 

some energy resisted. so the thoughts wernt right. 

"Graceful words, kindness flow. Harmony blooms, politeness show. Respectful charm, warmth bestow. Gracious gestures, friendships grow."

she cast this spell very well and released kind in the room. 

"Empower Oxfam, aid hearts, mend minds. Harmony, strength combine, uplift lives. Support Mind, wellness thrive, stigma erased."

she wanted more thought for charity in the room so she will think and manifest this for her future businss. 

"Choose health, menu review. McDonald's, nourishing picks, aid wellness. Empower, healthy choices, always, satisfaction without compromise."

she cast this spell from her hand and released energy. it went without disturb. 


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