"Ylang-Ylang: Essence of Tranquility and Floral Serenity"

In the garden of dreams, a ylang-ylang tree sways,
Its blossoms whisper tales from forgotten days.
Roots delve deep, in earth's embrace they entwine,
Anchoring stories of eras, divine.

Through branches that reach for the cerulean sky,
Fragrant petals dance as memories fly by.
Each bloom holds secrets, a fragrant bouquet,
Recalling lost moments in the sun's golden ray.

Beneath the tree's shade, a tranquil retreat,
Sipping tea, the elixir, both warm and sweet.
The brew holds the essence of ylang-ylang's embrace,
Transporting the soul to a serene, peaceful space.

Roots intertwine, past and present align,
Tea and fragrance in harmony entwine.
Ylang-ylang's whispers, a tranquil decree,
A dance of aroma and memory, set free.


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