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banishing spell get some exercise no limits

Walk 10 minutes Hold the red crystal  Shame it twice Drink some water or some juice Say the sun is out 10 times Say heal the sun and the earth  Say bring positive change 5 times Say banish negative keep the positive once

invoking mona l for cola

Talk to angel mona lisaf Its invoke mona l Hold empty coke can in the air flick wand twcie  Charge the crystal Make a wish i wish for cola drink x3 Fire energy lift my spirit each time i drink the drink may no negativity enter the room 2x Mona lisa spirit take me away to buy cans drinks Say red crystal Cleanse mood mona

posession spell feel god

Use cycle bike 30 seconds Pick middle card Put crystal on the left card  Rotate in a circle 3 times say push

futuristic time spell for movies

Get some milk program jesus to love milk Now Say I don't commit sin Say jesus I need you for this spell Find a crystal for mind  Flick wand on it 2x  Pick a card from your fav deck  6 turn wand  Say cal angel ansi star mage demon spirit Trees opening locked door Say a call for positive energy 30 seconds  Do a dance for 1 min Get a warm drink 3 min  Play some piano music 1 min  Pray 2 min by chanting peace with god or pray summoner earth Chant  Say Harry potter shows for 1 min Ask keyboard do I have spell guardian sprit 2 min sort out check for spell Say futuristic time spell for movies Meditate 1 min End with pink light energy summoner angels happy with me Say release universe happy entities  1 min 

10p luck spell joy relaxation session

Microwave your milk  Have 3 stones  A 10p  Say money luck be mine shine money shine  Sit for 3 minutes and clear your thouts Put on spa music to heal  Say I want to relate to positive people 5x Turn the wand 3x clockwise  Point to your hand and tap it twice Say luck joy luck come to me many x2 Sit for 1 minute make a 4 leaf clover appear   Then put your left thumb on your nail for 30 seconds  To cleanse negative people things energy  Say I allow new positive energy to enter

heal a job loss or redundancy

Have the salt make a circle salt  One stone a rock  Put the stone in the circle   Wait until you feel you can move it out  Look after it  Whisper to the rock directly say Peace job job heal Use the lavender for relax Light the black candle and say Renew renew situations  Good for job loss

Roses delightful blueberry cleanse toxins heal mood spell

Eat blueberries Then put the roses  The salt The water in a bowl  Light a black candle Have a red crystal at the ready  Say to banish  Pray on the angels for good health

spirit cleanser system computer mind cleanse and heal

Mix roses lemon and wave your wand over it  Makes positive energy Cleanser 

money growing spell

 i have 1 i have 2 i have 5 i have 3 i have 4 i have 10

Sunlit Harmony Elixir with Citrine and Malachite

 Certainly! Let's incorporate malachite into the spell for added energy and positivity. Here's a revised version: **Spell of Solar Vitality with Malachite** Ingredients: 1. A clear glass or water container 2. Small pieces of citrine and malachite (citrine for energy, malachite for positivity) 3. Sunlit water (collected under the warmth of sunlight) Procedure: 1. Begin the spell in a location where you can harness the energy of sunlight. 2. Place the clear glass or water container in a sunny spot, allowing it to be bathed in sunlight. 3. Hold both the citrine and malachite in your hands, focusing on their warm, vibrant energy and positive vibrations. 4. Place the citrine and malachite into the glass. 5. Pour the sunlit water into the glass, imagining the sunlight, citrine, and malachite working together to infuse the water with revitalizing energy and positive vibes. 6. Chant the following incantation three times:    *Sunlight's glow, citrine's might,*    *Malachite'

to get rejuvenating healthy water

 Creating a fictional spell for energizing water can be a fun and creative endeavor. Here's a whimsical spell for you: **Spell of Aqua Vitalis** Ingredients: 1. A clear crystal or gemstone (representing clarity and energy) 2. Moonlit water (collected under the light of a full moon) 3. A pinch of starlight dust (symbolizing cosmic energy) Procedure: 1. Begin the spell under the light of a full moon, preferably near a natural water source. 2. Place the clear crystal or gemstone in a small, shallow bowl. 3. Pour the moonlit water over the crystal, allowing it to absorb the lunar energy. 4. Sprinkle a pinch of starlight dust over the water, letting it shimmer and merge with the moonlit essence. 5. Stand before the bowl, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Focus on the intent of the spell – to infuse the water with revitalizing energy. 6. Chant the following incantation three times:    *By moonlight's grace and starlight's glow,*    *Infuse this water with energy's flow

**"Luminous Mend: A Healing Radiance"**

Let's explore a healing spell concept known as the "Luminous Mend." **Name: Luminous Mend** **Description:** Luminous Mend is a soothing and radiant healing spell designed to mend wounds and restore vitality. Practitioners of this spell are often referred to as "Healing Illuminators" or "Restoration Wardens." **Incantation:** *"By the light that heals and grace that tends, with Luminous Mend, our wounds transcend. Radiant beams, gentle and kind, mend the body, renew the mind."* **Effect:** Upon casting Luminous Mend, a warm and comforting glow emanates from the caster's hands. The spell offers the following healing effects: 1. **Wound Closure:** Luminous Mend accelerates the natural healing process, closing wounds, cuts, and injuries with a gentle touch. 2. **Vitality Restoration:** The spell replenishes the recipient's energy and vitality, alleviating fatigue and promoting a sense of well-being. 3. **Purification:** Luminous Mend can

a charm to keep friends happy

"Friendship's charm, joy's sweet song, laughter's dance all day long. Bonds of warmth, troubles dispel. Happy hearts, together dwell."

a charm for summon clothes

"Threads of air, weave a garment fair. Mystical stitches, fabric rare. I summon clothes with magic's flare, manifest and wear."

a charm for peace

"Whispering winds, calm waters, serenity unfold. Embrace tranquility, let strife grow old. Peace surrounds, within, and we behold."

"Crystal Quest: Unearth Your Charm with Unique Crystal Finds"

 For an enchanting collection of crystals, explore reputable online retailers like CrystalClearVibes and EnergyMystique. Local gem shops, metaphysical stores, or artisanal markets are also excellent sources. Elevate your energy and style with a diverse range of crystals to suit your preferences and metaphysical needs. Happy crystal hunting! chat gpt finds. personally i want a collection i dont want to sell it.  #CrystalCharms #CrystalCollection #MetaphysicalGems #EnergyStones #CrystalHealing #SpiritualJourney #GemstoneEnchantment #CrystalVibes #ElevateYourEnergy #CrystalQuest #MysticalStones #CrystalShop #ArtisanGems #GemstoneMagic #CrystalMagician

"Radiant Positivity: Embracing Light and Letting Go of Negativity"

  "I release all negative energy from my mind and heart. I am surrounded by positivity, light, and love. I embrace the goodness in my life, and I let go of anything that no longer serves me." "Radiant Positivity: Embracing Light and Letting Go of Negativity" banishes negative energy. release energy. allows you to let go. let go of the past. heal. deliverance from evil spirits and foul beings. fosters a positive space. 1. #Positivity 2. #MindsetShift 3. #Optimism 4. #EmbraceTheLight 5. #PositiveEnergy 6. #LettingGo 7. #PersonalGrowth 8. #Uplifting 9. #Affirmation 10. #GoodVibesOnly 11. #WellBeing 12. #PositiveMindset 13. #SelfImprovement 14. #ReleaseNegativity 15. #InnerPeace 16. #Happiness 17. #Motivation 18. #Inspiration 19. #SelfLove 20. #Mindfulness

throwing circle with a flick or swish

Throwing a circle Charge a circle in your head Throw it with a flick or a swish  Throw it with your head although dangerous

use of circles and generating energy

Use of circles  Spirit leave spirit enrter Control of energy  Put 3 dots in a circle and move it around ENERGY  mind power

boxes in the mind

You can create boxes in your mind to a memory 

leaves blow with energy

Wind creates energy think about creating wind with your hands and causing it to lift up leaves


Gain energy in the morning 

push or pull star hand

Rub your hands together  Pull them apart  One spread out shape like a star The other flat PULL WITH THE FLAT HAND PUSH WITH THE STAR this is how you feel ENERGY 

make soul more girlish

Cleans my soul make it pure and more girl like 

break spell

Break the last spell I cast

God prayer for anger

A pleasant day no anger

God prayer banish money requests

Heal me no money requests

things to do

I ask God for my next activity

contact charm

I ask for more friends to contact me charm 


I ask for a fruitful day

Manifesting a Healing Holiday: Chants and Insights

In the intricate dance of manifestation, the delicate balance of chakras becomes a pivotal force in channeling energy and transforming desires into tangible reality. These spinning wheels of energy, aligned along the spine, serve as conduits for life force, influencing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When these energy centers fall out of balance, the art of manifestation faces hurdles. Consider the foundational root chakra as the anchor for manifesting material desires. An imbalance may breed insecurity, hindering the realization of goals. The sacral chakra, tied to creativity, could stifle inspiration when imbalanced. Further, a disrupted solar plexus may dim personal power, hindering intentions. An imbalanced heart chakra might affect relationships. Moving up the spine, imbalances in throat, third eye, and crown chakras may hinder communication, intuition, and spiritual alignment, disrupting manifestation on higher planes. In essence, the intricate dance falters when c

*Serenity Illumina: A Forehead Light Spell for Healing and Headache Relief*

**Title for the Frontis Levitas Charm:** *Serenity Illumina: A Forehead Light Spell for Healing and Headache Relief* Charm Incantation: Frontis Levitas Instructions: Find a quiet and comfortable space to perform the charm. Sit or stand with a relaxed posture, and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Close your eyes and visualize a gentle, soothing light surrounding your forehead. As you recite the incantation "Frontis Levitas," imagine the light penetrating your forehead, easing tension and bringing comfort. Envision the pain dissipating, replaced by a sense of calm and relief. Repeat the incantation as necessary until you feel the desired effects. here is a chant you can do to ease pain **Chant:** *Ease the ache, forehead light, Frontis Levitas, pain take flight. Calm and heal, dispel night.* **Description:** The chant, "Ease the ache, forehead light, Frontis Levitas, pain take flight. Calm and heal, dispel night," serves as a concise and focused mantra to a

Enchanted Harmony: A Sweet Vigor to Heal Hands

Title: "Enchanted Harmony: A Sweet Vigor to Heal Hands" Description: Immerse yourself in the windsome enchantment of this charming potion, where the sweetness of its vigor heals hands with tender care. Let the magical blend of natural ingredients work its soothing magic, restoring vitality and grace to your hands. Embrace the enchantment and discover the sweet vigor that brings healing to your every touch. **Ingredients:** Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of "Enchanted Harmony: A Sweet Vigor to Heal Hands," a potion crafted with care and magical intent. This enchanting elixir blends the finest natural ingredients to bring a touch of celestial healing to your hands. - **Chamomile Infusion:** Gently extracted chamomile essence calms and soothes, imbuing the potion with tranquil properties.    - **Lavender Essence:** Harvested at the peak of its fragrance, lavender provides a calming aroma and contributes to the potion's relaxation-inducing qualities. - *

a healing spell for keyword purify

purify features purify energy cleanse eyes to beautiful

what purify can do to you mind and spirit - how to heal with purify.

 what does purify do purify restores energy. it heals you. it can make you clean. and you can make it so people dont look at you negatively.

a healed body with repair word

 i chose repair word to heal damaged energy and things that were affecting me. i cleansed my negative energy and healed my body. 

cool down anger charm relase ice

 ice to, anger cool down. releases ice when, you need either needs cooling down the invoke is hydra ice freeze.

relax charm releases tension and calms the mind down

 relax is a word for calming down and it can heal stress in the body.  chant relax for 5 minutes and feel the difference.  relax is a healing charm, just by saying relax your mind will get the link it needs to calm down.  destress today and use relax charm to find new calm and release tension. 

manifest a cereal box a healthy breakfast

 cereal dont be a burden to me it is 2 pounds at the shop 2 small circles is the cash and a rectangle is the  box manifest me tasty cereal off amazon source in 2 days. banish the bread. 

attract a coke can for your enjoyment

 a coke can, put it on kitchen table and thats my cupboard strength 3 for weekend buy on friday summon and it has 3 circles for strength each circle is 1 day. they appeared as circles it will appear as circle. 

protection 6x is 20x shield from darkness and protect from light

 fire watch over me protect from her light and shield me from darkness 6x circles is 20x strength. 

buy the right thing shopping list spell

get money by Monday 35 percent luck on buying the right item  

get hate on someone you dislike charm

do hate you then when ever they walk through in your mind throw your hand imagine a line by the door. passes on a message and heals you 

get some knowledge

 get more knowledge 5 minutes a day

win at a manager hearing

manager hearing luck 50 percent win  then say 56 percent or 99 percent to win

energy feel more abundant

improve financial state abundant room x6 imagine a big and small circle on your door in your mind to understand the flow of money

real curse, someone money low because you dislike them

 repel charm, ward off negative energy keep them quiet curse their money

spin right person kinetic energy telekinesis

Powerful kinetic force spin to the right 

Read money and spells luck found here

Charm everyone can read their money and their spells

charm a lucky box

Create box lucky

spell home energy search

Look for energy Look at energy

spell to cast

Look for spells

banish the beggar

God will give you money have more ideas than begging God hates begging.

why God talks and why he mind control people

God can tell you what to do 

where God is God not in the sky in our heads

God is not in the stars

who is this god

God has a god I don't trust jesus I want god

heal soul god

What is god  God is healing being who will heal your so

finding the right god for me

I hope to find the right god pray for Me   Can't be jesus can't be allah because I don't know them who do I call for help

the dream life

I hope to have a home and a car and a boyfriend

bright memories

I hope to have bright positive memories 

messages from the books I have read

I want everything I wished for I love my money book and the signs book  I will sell both

sourcing strong vibrant glowing energy to heal the heart

I pray for stronger energy that doesn't harm me

what is energy

Energy is real and harmful it messes with our lives our levels

wishing to eat out twice a week

I want to eat out at least twice a week I will start out at my local resturant

get sandwich save money

I hope for a sandwich but i need to train to get it

spending time with friends

God online friends is good health I just need to spend more time with them 

asking for good connections friends

God, I want more meaningful connections With my friends Amen

Figuring out my music taste

I need to change my taste in music    I tried everything jesus metal is not a nice sound  Lofi no good all the time... I need some high energy music Pop rap no good Classical 

less energy to be better

This year God I will use less electric and not charge overnight amen

letter to god I am replacing you to apollo

I need a god willing to post on my blog.  I need a god willing to talk clairaudience as I lost the skill talking to god. God is always trying to be pure in my head and my name is not right.  Message to god, god is not jesus. God might be all the gods. God is just god. Very vague. So I don't like it. I will pick apollo and I will heal it. I need a god that doesn't get fruy. It's not just me. 

God's with easy name

God wasn't right for me and getting me mad and I couldn't handle his sins. I need a god with an easy name. 

get god typing

God type god   Never ask what God you have its jesus

calm down with meds god prayer positive meds

I asked god to buy me leggins let's see if god delivers and call my meds food or sweets or money something positive to heal.  God I would like you to call my meds something positive. Don't give them evils. Crystal find name if I am clam on the meds.

go's nice hair

God tell me now do you think this blog will be successful and how many times do I need to blog on it per day and nice hair. 

phone issues need charge fixing this with god

God my blog and phone battery are connected remind me to use phone and fire TV stick to allow time for charge. 

letter to god no web development

God three is my burden and It could save me make it 2 I plea. God and jesus living happily with me. Let me learn my palm. Web development isn't my path no more. Kindly Dominica

hello jesus my letter to you

God jesus  Make tomorrow A good day I want some drink my favorite drink I have to go out on daily walk. Afternoon please when my energy is best. Spirits are cool. Jesus is good. Jesus is life. Needed for good health.  Amen 

letter to god crystal heaven

Dear god Care for my crystals and I will not sell  Keep crystals for a very long time.  I need them in my life right now.  Amen

prayer to God blogging on phone

Dear god I hope today is well I need to be trained on prayer writing for my blog I can do on my phone. We can write it together. Amen

1 pound per day to savings

Put in 1 pound per day to your savings and watch it grow

a basic sale spell for life

Stuff going up for sale my stuff. A sale spell  Dear god  Please help me sell my stuff and tell me if i need the cash in a dream. I want to feel fresh and healthy give me the right time to eat. And maybe no extra meals. and have a bigger following of buyers  Amen 

have your face appear on someone's window

Look through the window there I am Have your face appear on a window Soul energy

get a visitor

Vision fist money text me my path

long godlike hair

I see long hair 

heal girl clothes become a woman

If you are a boy look at girl clothes for endless and think of the clothes you desire in your mind say I have the power to become a woman gracefully.

stop injections at mental ward

Stop injections mental ward think of a needle and an apple and a heart and say charm

a charm to be smart and professional

Think of a office or a bag and say desire to be smart formal and professional for 20 minutes say it to your crystal

as for jesus to heal you

Think of Jesus image healing you ask for forgiveness 

New money spell with Jesus

Think of Jesus then think of 20p

turn into dolphin

Cherub turn me into a dolphin 

witch charms deck of pokemon cards

Witch minused her pokemon card deck and needed a charm to get energy cards away. She said freeze more to less   it meant freeze and less. Her cards were significantly reduced. And she said to bring in more powerful cards.

witch did coin filp and spell for money

Witch Rob was outside at the farm collecting coins from floor she flipped all of them and her luck was 40 percent.  She used it for a wish spell to bring her money.

lost dog found soothing chant for dog

Boy was with her dog and it ran off. I was after some cookies and it just left. I sent some mail home and printed a letter to find lost dog. Lost dog came home for cookies we cast a spell for dog to calm read doggie be good to us calm down plenty it was a chant with soothing music. 

"The Dreamer's Journey: Messages from Above, Growing Followers, and Crystal Wealth"

there was a boy who was getting these cool dreams lots of news from god. to make the blogs successful. he had many followers on his facebook growing every day and his crystals were making him money. 

soul manifest tricks

Soul manifestation Save money x3  I do ten workout 10x Very helpful 

how to use the soul

Soul spells i use Reading mind x3 type out and say Reading skills demon Remember demon recall Typing Soul gender female My jesus friend