futuristic time spell for movies

Get some milk program jesus to love milk

Now Say I don't commit sin

Say jesus I need you for this spell

Find a crystal for mind 

Flick wand on it 2x 

Pick a card from your fav deck 

6 turn wand 

Say cal angel ansi star mage demon spirit

Trees opening locked door

Say a call for positive energy 30 seconds 

Do a dance for 1 min

Get a warm drink 3 min 

Play some piano music 1 min 

Pray 2 min by chanting peace with god or pray summoner earth


Say Harry potter shows for 1 min

Ask keyboard do I have spell guardian sprit

2 min sort out check for spell

Say futuristic time spell for movies

Meditate 1 min

End with pink light energy summoner angels happy with me

Say release universe happy entities 

1 min 


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