"Guardian's Glow: A Basil Moonstone Black Candle Spell for Protection"

 The basil moonstone black candle spell combines the energies of basil, moonstone, and a black candle to manifest protection, grounding, and banishment of negativity. 

Begin by setting up your sacred space, ensuring you won't be disturbed during the spellcasting. Place the black candle in the center of your working area, surrounded by dried basil leaves and a moonstone crystal.

Light the black candle, focusing on its flame as a symbol of protection and banishment. Visualize a shield forming around you, warding off any negative energies or influences.

Hold the moonstone in your hands, feeling its grounding energy flow through you. Channel your intentions into the crystal, affirming your desire for protection and purification.

Sprinkle the dried basil leaves around the candle, clockwise, while chanting your incantation:

"As this candle burns, negativity I spurn,

Basil's might, protect me from blight,

Moonstone's glow, banish darkness below,

With this spell, I dwell in safety's shell."

Continue chanting and visualizing for as long as feels right, allowing the candle to burn down completely if possible. Once finished, thank the energies and entities involved, and close your sacred space.

Dispose of any remaining candle wax and basil leaves respectfully, either by burying them in the earth or disposing of them in flowing water.

May this spell bring you the protection and positivity you seek. Blessed be.

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