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cloudy weather just tell them to move and think

  move the clouds out of the way clouds moves it away out of the way clouds forward i like these cloud spells they have gestures in them they control clouds in different ways a fast chant out of the way clouds i was listening to frequency music

back in system

Don't gain from electric you get twitches Back in system 

i am dompark73 on my Facebook shop

Praise to God for my Facebook shop 

joy in memories

Memories create joy look back and heal 

heal with laughter

Heal with laughter a new things Laugh in your mind or aloud 

positive moods

Positive is how you present yourself and be respectful 

positive language to negative

Use positive language to negative 

make your negative positive

Make your negative positive 

the love and soul of mindfulness

Mindfulness is a mental practice of being fully present and engaged in the present moment, without judgment. It involves paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and surroundings with openness and curiosity. It's often cultivated through meditation and can lead to reduced stress, improved focus, and greater overall well-being.

energy bear story

Preserve the bear story in my aura

fire bird spell

 the trees were blowing in the wind  i said firebird inato and a magical bird was formed from the fire 

rain spell fiction story

 the enchanted sea  i was at the beach eating fish rice beans  it was cold and dark  in the  night  i got access to my powers i was controlling water they said i was waiting for the rain  rain down on me  the enchantment  the rain rushed down and i was dancing for more  it froze time 

buy sweets save the cash and work on your anxiety spell

  Get some milk  Get some sweets Eat the sweets  Say i am not anxious while you eat them

cleanse negative energy remove it banish it

hold Labradorite in your hands watch negative wash away. but not tight or tense. 

Happy coffee sweet tooth flying 5g engineer sorted my negative to positive

Happy is good to be Tea is happy Coffee is mega happy-go-lucky  Fly sky high Up in the air A cup of coffee do all Sweet tooth Coffee protects Coffee safety Coffee banishes Coffee water good Am balanced enough not angry good good 

a static feed your way

I am more powerful then the earth the sun

be good laugh

Laughter god like 

release energy all the time

Release your enery all the time 

pray for calm

Then to god pray 

start pray allah

Start by praying to Allah 

coffee 5 pounds in 5 days

Grab a coffee Think of 5 pounds You will get it in 5 days

I believe in magic

Get magic mind by tuning into 452

twitches god not biblical

Twitches are a sign God the Bible doesn't say I feel spirits all around me. Twitches tingles too.  Get up when it tells you Kindly listen to them.

can't call ghost any of these

Ethics can't call ghost an app or program or sofware

Good ethics for ghost

Ethics can't aska ghost to write a story

stop bad for 5 min

Wind clam us down and stop all bad from happening for 5 min

god cursed land with dom boil and trouble In the sky anger released

Dom was eating a bagle it was lettuce and ham ghost scared of the ham  Dom sent a water warning in the sky Dom saw and erased his energy to protect heaven and hell. The spell was boil and trouble bubble bubble.

ghost and love spell

The long path ghost fixes finger to cast a love spell  hi I'm ghost 

the phantom ghost god

The phantom ghost god are all the the chips

push charm causes catastrophic mess

Witch boils tea and gives cup a pull. Tea goes everywhere. Calls it a curse.

2 days of meditate apple

Witch freezes apple and brings it back to life. No magic just meditation 2 days

meditation witch 1 hour casts light orb out the window

Witch meditates for 1 hour casts light orb out the window too dangerous to use

save 1 p per week

1 p a week saving spell no meditation 

the witch getting through the mundane

 the witch is a good witch today behaving well, she cast 0 spells, did some meditation and relaxed at home.