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energy love release focus bindi

18 plus  safe love safe love energy release bindi bindi prayer

working spell to channel energy to your bindi check your light

 mind get new ideas and video channel from my third eye  shake your finger touch your bindi or use purple crystal  wash your hands  drink some milk  or tea  say mood release 

working spell bindi mind mood generatro

 get some orange juice  put in your mouth  eat an apple  tap the apple with your finger  find the remote point it at it  say i watch a LOT of tv free view let the spell decide what you want to watch  bindi bindi in my mind open my third eye  mood mogo 

dog fruit banana orange mango chips

 say red dog drink the milk  use pink jasper  clean your hands  find a dog and pet it  drink tea from shop have courage to buy  drink some milk  have a wand  say i summon the god of dogs to give me hope and peace say i release spell to the clouds wash your hands 

always happy

 i am always happy

tea calm tea stop the voices with meds

 tea calm tea stop the voices  requires you take your medication  use 432 hz music

small portion spell

 i like eating as long as it is fruit or small portions

brown light mood with spaller graller

spaller graller do a spell  changes the mood to red for 1 min

wish be mine and you get it

 magic beans - or peas eat white candle  purple crystal  wish be mine 

penny curse remove

 1 penny  black candle  make this penny release its curse chant 2 min  at 12am 

milk tea luck wish

 i have tea all the time  chant 50 x  with milk  say milk and tea seranity  30 x 

two useful spells

 he would say spell draw path spell tags  charm  path locate

tea healing spell

 teach me concoction  the make tea + lips spell + jesus + charm - food  tea healing spell  you can say you need it for 1 or 2 mins tea heal  magic white magic  light charm  good energy positive energy

a lip miracle

 a charm for the lips so they talk talk talk turn my lips into dog

positive fruits in the belly

 positive belly positive fruits

talking ears miracle

 talking ears  makes your ears talk be nice to them teach them kindness and how to be king queen so you can have temple in your mind  teach them respect  teach them to be christ like 

expect miracle might work for you if you have the focus

 water make banana concentration high  time 1 hour per day

we don't want negative things

Negative things can go away

negative karma lifted gone and destroyed

 negative karma lifted 

create short titles

 a circle short titles 

3 healing spells to use in hospitals

 a circle protect me  a circle protect me from negative energy a circle accept healing energy

find out if you need to read a book

 read a book 

pray for pages on social media the ones that will win

 chart champion summon pages  invoke dieem  jesus pray  pray for  my pages i created on social media the ones that will win

moon energy milk giving you luck

 heat milk put two sugars in the milk say a healing spell  say you want to heal your reading  do it at 12 am  and say you want some luck  luck to land on movies  say it at dawn watch the moon energy  grow 

stop the pain heal

 stop the pain let it go away 1 min

installing clairaudience to your mind

setting up clairaudience   when they are feeling down i thought of the spell spiritual hold. it means it will make them feel better while youre busy.  you can like ask a support worker something and say spiritual hold, draw a gesture and move it to them like a phone hold button mute option as spirtual mute spirit channels and more 

do spell wisely

Do spell wisely I ain't stopping you

game candle

Game candle white

third eye sound vision mind

do you think third eye or woo woo or tweet tweet or tweet woo - tawny owl... do you think it can heal with any of those sounds...

i think this calls for a new website - third eye question

 do you think third eye switches on too fast and is it an alien

do you think you can move a body with a spell

 do you think you can move your body with a spell

discussion ghost vision

 do you think you can see a spell


A energy spell with the spirits chanting you are healed

they see in the dark

Ghost can see in the dark

love money

Touch your nose say tt Tt summon call money You will start sniffing money

light the way find

tt demon say  Open 3 eye light My path

imagin orb going into hand

Imagine orb go into hand say enter heart chakras 

a way to release energy for spell

 after doing a spell say i release a spirit

call on heat entities

 you can call on heat entities

a smile charm

a cheeky grin in my being from a friend seraphim give me cheeky grin, say something like heal  say air  in your mind and water and mend for me  get it working someone  make your mind smile 

curse someone mind for sweets

  sweets sweets sweets  say air in your mind air forward  draw over their aura